verb de·sign /dɪˈzʌɪn/

To plan and make decisions about (something that is being built or created) : to create the plans, drawings, etc., that show how (something) will be made.

Whether you want a complete re-design of your garden, a re-vamp of an existing area or a planting scheme for a difficult space we can offer an initial free of charge consultation to discuss your requirements and start the process of realising the potential of your precious green space.

If you decide for a complete re-design, sketch plans will initially be produced for further discussion leading to full designs which can include construction and planting plans, all produced using Vectorworks CAD package offering full 3D rendered images of the proposed garden, planting and structures.

Design fees are based on project size and complexity.

As we have a highly skilled team of landscapers and gardeners at your disposal we can off a complete package from design through to construction and even follow up with ongoing management of the garden, but we are also happy to work with other designers or landscaping contractors to complement their particular skill set.

Please have a look at our portfolio for a selection of projects designed and built by our team.


verb /bɪld/

Construct (something) by putting parts or material together.


Following on from our design process we can produce detailed estimates and specifications for most types of hard and soft landscaping, we can then execute these to build your garden. We also offer project management of other landscaping contractors if required. Some of the main items you may find in your garden build are detailed below for your reference


This includes fencing, decking, pergolas, bin hides, play dens, raised planting beds and all other types of timber construction work. We use FSC or other sustainably sourced timber, where required treated to the highest standards for ground contact.


We can provide and install a wide range of natural and reconstituted stone products from a range of local and national suppliers. We ensure these products have been ethically sourced and help you choose the most suitable one for your project based on use, local suitability and budget.


Through proper preparation and a full understanding of the lawns ongoing requirements, we create high quality lawns from either seed or turf and can even provide and install artificial lawns if required.


Most people know that sometimes your plants or lawn need more water than mother nature provides. Wherever possible we would ensure planting is appropriate to the conditions of your particular garden, but when your normal conditions are exceeded an irrigation system may well be the answer. Properly designed and managed it will not only deliver the correct amount of water directly to your plants but could also bypass mains water by utilising rainwater harvesting.

Ultimately irrigation should be looked on as a last resort. Planting the correct plants for your soil and garden will ultimately benefit not only the plants but your impact on the environment as a whole. There is a wide range of drought tolerant/resistant plants available and simple measures such as mulching and incorporation of organic matter can help even the poorest of soils retain moisture.


There has been a lot of talk in the media and subsequent legislation from the government to reduce the amount of rainwater run-off in urban environments. Almost any wall or roof can be transformed into an area for additional planting benefitting not only wildlife but also controlling the amount of rain which gets to ground level and ultimately your drains.

It is now becoming more common to plant up not only roofs but also vertical walls with various types of planting from wildlife friendly low maintenance schemes to walls of fruit and vegetables for your kitchen. Each requires a slightly different approach and there are a number of factors that need to be assessed before either a green wall or roof can be constructed, therefore before committing to any project a consultation and survey will need to be arranged.


Lighting can transform a garden at night, if you use your garden into the evenings or just want to be able to see features and structures from the comfort of your house, the correct lighting and installation is key.

Whether you want feature plants or focal points lit, the texture of a wall picked out with a wash of light, a well lit area to entertain or lighting on features such as steps to improve safety these ideally need to be considered carefully at the design stage to allow for structural wiring and proper installation.


Water in a garden adds yet another element to a design, this can be for movement, sound, reflection or simply haven for wildlife or ornamental fish.

Any water feature needs to be carefully planned and sited to ensure it is not only effective but also easy to maintain, and safe for children and pets alike.


What is a garden without plants? Well, it can still be a garden but plants not only look good but can also encourage wildlife, help reduce your carbon footprint and can even taste great.

We can offer many different types of planting schemes and supply plants either grown by ourselves or from selected nurseries providing only the best quality plants.

We specialise in several areas, though please do not see these as limiting factors when it comes to your particular garden:

Dry and damp shade planting
Naturalistic planting (including meadows and nectar bars)
Drought tolerant planting
Structural planting
Container planting


verb main·tain /meɪnˈteɪn/

to keep (something) in good condition by making repairs, correcting problems, etc.
Our team of qualified horticulturists can help you fully manage all aspects of your garden space, no matter how large or small; whether you are hands on or like to enjoy your garden but your lifestyle prevents you from spending the time required to keep it in looking it’s best.

Through training and study under the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) at The Berkshire College of Agriculture for the following qualifications our staff are in a position to advise you on a wide range of horticultural matters:

RHS Level 2 Certificate in Horticulture
RHS Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Horticulture
Diploma in Work-Based Horticulture - Landscaping


Whilst there is a certain amount of truth in 'some pruning is better than no pruning', each plant, tree and shrub has different requirements as far as pruning is concerned. If done at the wrong time of year, or in the wrong way, the health and flowering performance of the plant concerned can be seriously impaired. Some have very specific regimes, e.g. fruit trees, flowering climbers and shrubs. We offer the knowledge and skills to correctly balance aesthetic requirements with the specific needs of the plant concerned.


At some point most plants will suffer from some sort of pest, disease or nutrient deficiency. We can not only tell you what is wrong but also how to deal with the problem in the best possible manner while ensuring the least amount of impact on the environment.

Whether this incorporates using biological control of pests or simply attending to your plants needs to prevent susceptibility to pests and diseases in the first place, we have the knowledge and access to the products to deal with most situations that occur in the garden.


Along with pests and diseases the basic nutrient requirements of plants also need to be taken into account. Like any living thing they need the correct balance of water and nutrients to live healthily and better resist attack from other organisms.

You may not be aware that compost or farmyard manure itself does not provide a huge amount of fertility. What it does is increase your soil's ability to hold water and nutrients. If your soil is low in any particular nutrient required for healthy plant growth these will still need to be added. Soil assessment can be conducted to discover any deficiencies and also choose the most suitable plants for your particular garden.


Through many years of experience we can advise and assist you on most aspects of vegetable and fruit growing, from container grown crops on your patio or windowsill to full sized vegetable plots or espaliered fruit trees. Ultimately you can enjoy the fresh produce on your dinner table without worrying about chemicals, food miles or excess packaging, and best of all it tastes great.


When it comes to lawns we are famed the world over for our love of them. Whether it is a small concession to a wild meadow or an immaculate striped lawn, we know how to ensure your lawn performs to your expectations. We can offer simple regular mowing as well as lawn treatments for pests, diseases and general seasonal health.

There is a fine balance needed between function and form, if you want a bowling green finish but have enthusiastic pets or children a compromise may need to be reached, either way we do not just treat the symptoms of a sick lawn but look at the root causes. In some cases quite literally.

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